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[Comments] (1) : Maggie and I made our usual visit to Grandma June this morning. She was very glad to see us. Our ward is doing Relief Society for the Care Center this month and I am playing a Christmas piano solo. I meant to bring my music and practice for Grandma but I forgot so I played all the Christmas songs in the hymn book instead. Her favorite is "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day." And her favorite color is red.

I also helped her with her December birthday cards ($10 for grandkids, $5 for great-grand-kids, $0 for Susies-in-law). She wishes she could give more (at least to some people!) but wants to be fair. So remember that when you receive $10 for your 38th birthday - or $5 for your 15th. I offered to help her do cards for all of 2009 but she thought that was ridiculous.


Posted by Jamie at Tue Dec 02 2008 14:54

Susie you are so good to grandma...I miss my Monday's with her (and you)!

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