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[Comments] (2) Enjoy the View: Now that the trees have lost all their leaves, the view from our backyard has become even more beautiful. At night we can see all the lights from the southwest part of the valley, plus Christmas lights from the street behind us.

Tonight is John's work Christmas party and I'm so excited! It's nice to get out on a date once in a while, and last year they gave away tons of prizes, so maybe we'll come home with something free.

Maggie's fancy new word I'm making her tell everyone (including Aunt Rachel on video chat!) is "walrus".

Also, apparently one of my library books is overdue. Ack! My first fine.


Posted by Kristen at Fri Dec 12 2008 11:16

I get fines once in awhile too. The DVD ones are outrageous I think, only because when one is late the 4 others are late too and it is $2 per day per DVD. That's $10 for forgetting to take them back and can't renew online because you've reached your quota. I just think to myself, I am supporting the library and it is like a donation so I can get lots of free media.

Posted by Mom at Wed Dec 17 2008 18:07

Maggie says "walrus" really well and it's so cute.

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