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[Comments] (1) : Last night Maggie went to play at Grandma and Grandpa's and John and I went to the EY party at the U. They gave us two movie passes again and John won a $35 Gap gift card. Somehow I ended up sitting next to the managing partner, but since he had to give out dozens and dozens of prizes, I didn't have to make too much small talk. And dinner was delicious.

Also, we got a package from Aunt Pat and Uncle Alan with presents!. Maggie's pile under the tree is growing. She has 5 presents now, plus one she already opened: a 12 Dogs of Christmas touchy-feely book from Erin and Ember. She loves it.

A snow storm has begun in earnest here so we will be sitting tight at home for the weekend.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Dec 14 2008 10:01

I love free stuff! And I love not having to make dinner!

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