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: I had to pay my first library fine today. I could have returned the book earlier, but I figured it was worth it to wait until today when I could take Maggie and enjoy the trip. We bought a pair of mittens for Maggie to hang on the mitten tree at the library. The Festival of Trees donated a Mickey Mouse tree and everyone that donates a pair of mittens has a chance to win one of the Mickeys. Maggie also found a little bell on the toddler bookshelf and turned it in for a sucker. No storytime for a few weeks, so we're taking the fun where we can get it.

We also went to visit Grandma June (who turns 91 tomorrow) and had lunch at IHOP. Maggie was excited to see a bottle of ketchup on the table and proceeded to "dip!" her eggs and pancakes and was a great eater and very well-behaved.


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