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[Comments] (2) : We went to a gathering tonight with four other couples from our ward in Costa Mesa (3 others now living in Utah and one visiting from Washington). Between us there were 9.5 kids. I was relieved when the last couple arrived and they still only had one kid.

It was a lot of fun and we kept Maggie up well past her bedtime. She enjoyed running around with all the other kids, rolling cars back and forth. The adults played a "Celestial Newlywed" game, which John and I lost miserably at, but it was fun.

Maggie and I also had a playdate where she and Colette exchanged presents. Also, it's been a few days and I am still hating my haircut. I guess I won't be waiting my usual 6 months in between. As soon as it grows out a little I'll go in and have them cut the layers off.


Posted by Kristen at Thu Dec 18 2008 12:00

I never like the way the hair cut ladies style it, so I think once you are used to it and can style it yourself, you will like it more. It looks cute. How do you play celestial newlyweds?

Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 18 2008 12:08

But I don't *style* my hair, that's the problem.

Celestial Newlyweds was kind of like the newlywed game, only with some LDS questions.

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