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Pre-Christmas Spirit: Today John and I executed the most perfect Christmas gift purchase in the history of Saturday-before-Christmas-mall-shopping. As soon as we finally got into the parking lot, I hopped out of the car, ran across the parking lot and into the mall. I found what we were looking for, bought it, and hurried out a different door about 45 seconds before John made it to the door to pick me up. Seriously, it was awesome.

We also got a box of gifts from Leonard today. And we had a pre-Christmas get together with John's family so that those who won't be here on Christmas could open their gifts. Jodi also bought a little something for each of the cousins. Most of the little somethings were "Flurp" a gelatinous noise maker (can you guess which noise) that we spent the next 2 hours playing with. Maggie got a teeny plastic Piglet figure which she has not released her grip on yet. (Really - she still had it in her hand when I got her up from her nap.) Way to pick 'em.

For dinner we went to Jamba Juice, and then drove around a few streets to look at lights. We're looking forward to a low-key (and probably boring) Christmas morning - only 5 shapes on the tree away!.

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