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[Comments] (1) Year End Fun: We took Maggie and Ember to the zoo yesterday. The zoo is great in the winter because it's practically empty. Maggie made friends with an orangutan and we spent 15 minutes watching the giraffes gnaw on Christmas trees. The only bad thing is that the elephants and rhinos hide inside when it's cold.

Logan and Ember spent the night last night, so we had a giggly evening. John and I got up at 5 to go to the temple. Maggie was perfectly happy to wake up and find her cousins there to play with her, and we were home before they were done eating breakfast.

We stopped by Pirate-O's on the way taking the kids home. We bought treats for the kids for babysitting, and dessert for tonight. Hopefully, it'll be a fun party with lots of games! I usually get a good game fix on New Year's Eve.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Dec 31 2008 20:47

I wish I was getting a good game fix tonight. Jealous!

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