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[Comments] (3) Happy Easter!: We had a fun time with the Chadwicks and our annual egg hunt. There were very few eggs hidden this year, but lots of other fun stuff. Maggie got some fruit snacks, some peeps, a stuffed platypus, some bubbles and a little bit of candy. It was a lot of fun to watch the kids look for their stuff; with the huge age differences we ended up labeling almost everything with names. Maggie was well-behaved enough to sit with her aunts and uncles and her grandma and also said "bye grandpa", which was darling. Check my picture link for fun pictures of the event.


Posted by Rachel at Mon Mar 24 2008 11:25

you didn't tell me she is talking!!!!

Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 24 2008 13:48

What she really said was, "ba da da." Sorry I didn't make that more clear. She's only 1 year!

Posted by Mom at Mon Mar 24 2008 17:14

Cute pictures and cute videos. The dancing is funny.


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