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[Comments] (2) : We had a girl's day yesterday. Mom watched Maggie so Jamie, Jodi and I could go to the temple. It was wonderful. Afterwards, we picked up Subway and went back to my house to scrapbook. Coordinates Collections is having a cyber crop this weekend, so I worked on two of the challenges and did another page as well. Jodi stayed for dinner and we had a good time.

Today began with Ember's soccer game at the park right near us. She did great and Maggie especially had fun because Jazmine came. Afterwards Brook and John worked on our sprinkler system. Maggie wouldn't nap today (spent quite a while playing quietly in her crib though) so we went to the mall and bought new shoes for Maggie and myself. We also went to Target and bought various things, including new clippers for cutting John's hair. Our other ones lasted five years but are getting worn down.

We have a week of more business ahead of us.


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