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Everything's Goin' My Way: I woke up this morning resigned to going about my day as Maggie would have me do. Little did I know she was willing to make it work for me. She slept in, so I got up and hurried and got ready to go work at Jamie's. She behaved while we worked, watching The Wiggles and playing with her cousins. Then we went to the $1 movie (Jamie bought the summer pass where you can see a movie for 50 cents each week). Maggie fell asleep and slept through the entire movie! It made my arm a bit sore, but it was definitely worth it. I actually didn't have to worry about her naptime. We stopped by Auto Zone on the way back to Jamie's. Did you know they will tell you why your Check Engine light is on for free?

Jamie and I were able to finish up the kits, then I took Maggie to the library for a nice leisurely read (or, in Maggie's case, a chance to pull as many books off the shelf as possible). I was resigned to just dropping off our checked out items on the way home for her nap, so this worked out nicely. She took another very long nap this evening, so I got to read and take a little nap myself.

We did have to cancel our playdate with Tasha and Colette, so we're going to meet at her in-laws' tomorrow to play in the kiddie pool. And tonight is Girl's Night Out. Only Jodi is coming from our family, but it should be fun!


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