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[Comments] (2) I think she's trying to tell me something: I realized this week that Maggie has been signing "drink" to me for some time now; she just kind of made up her own sign for it. She's probably thinking, "Mom, what's your problem? I am saying 'drink'."

Also, on Monday I was scrapbooking and I heard her dirtying her diaper. Having already changed three diapers that day, I decided to wait a bit and make sure she was done. Next thing I know, Maggie is standing next to me with two diapers and a tube of A&D. So cute and helpful! Later that day she was playing on the porch while I worked in the yard, and wanted in the front door. I let her in, then spent a minute cleaning up before I headed inside. Maggie was there to greet me with a handful of diapers. (Yes, 5 dirty diapers, and I don't think that was the end of it either.) Even though there are plenty of times Maggie is screaming or pointing and I have no idea why, it's wonderful to see her new communication skills and independence bloom.

We had the best time today at Colette's grandma's house. They had set up a Little Tikes slide into the wading pool, so Maggie was perfectly happy to get in the pool - she loves slides. She spent a couple hours playing outside with Colette's cousins. Colette was a little more timid of the water, but eventually got in. In addition to the other kids, and slide and pool, they had a baby swing, a Cozy Coupe and Popsicles, so Maggie was in heaven. I wish I'd taken my camera.

I was a little sad to think that Colette's oldest cousin is the same age as Maggie's youngest. Maggie sure enjoyed playing with a bunch of kids more her age. I guess nursery will be good for her.

Also, Rachel made me happy today by showing my scrapbook gallery to a friend who loves to scrapbook.


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