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[Comments] (2) Summer School Musical: This evening I started teaching 2 new piano students, my adorable next door neighbors. They are very excited (well, one of them is) and already know a bit about music. Their parents are enthusiastic about them learning to play the piano, so they are off to a good start.

Ember had a piano lesson also today. I was lucky enough to have Erin drop me off to pick up the Pathfinder on her way home (if a ride to spend $950 can be considered lucky).

I did grocery shopping, went to the library, did a little weeding and laid around the house reading today. Oh, and I also made a fantastic recipe called Layered Caribbean Chicken Salad for dinner. John loved it, as he should since it was chock full of his favorite ingredients. John is home for his "vacation", but with his strained ankle, he isn't having much fun. We were going to stay the night at the cabin, but he can sit on the couch just as easily here, and we think maybe walking on the uneven gravel up there last weekend is what aggravated his ankle.


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