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[Comments] (2) Black Tie, Blue Dress: Last night John and I attended the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Banquet for the Utah region. John signed us up as volunteers, handing out name tags so we could enjoy a fancy event and a fancy dinner together. We had a blast.

Jodi was nice enough to come watch Maggie the entire evening (and half the afternoon). Franco even came over and painted one of the walls in our stairwell red while we were gone. It looks great, and he did a terrific job, putting the rest of the paint job in the room to shame. But back to our evening.

John wore his blue suit and I wore the navy lace dress that mom made me to take to BYU to wear to formals. I had to dig my beaded white flip flops out of the DI bag to wear with it. We showed up very early to set up name tags and then sit there. We just had to help people find their name tags as they arrived.

The whole event was like a fancy, fancy slightly less interesting Academy Awards. We got to check out everyone's fancy dresses, red carpet, spotlights, cameras, fancy pre-made video footage of all the finalists, celebrity host (ok, it was a news anchor I'd never heard of. He left at 9:30 for the 10:00 news (which I don't watch) but Jay Leno does the national awards). Seriously Fancy event. The food was pretty good, fancy but I was starving.

Anyway, it was lots of fun and John says he gets brownie points for volunteering, so I said, "sign us up next year!" Thanks again to Jodi for babysitting.

Some quotes: "That's 'penultimate' for all you English majors... but I don't suppose there are many of those here tonight." "To be successful, always be worth more than your employer pays you."


Posted by John at Sat Jun 28 2008 11:13

What the? This event was way more exciting than the Academies. Smoke and mirrors. And I've honestly never seen any of the movies up for Oscars anyway, so what do I care? Plus, our awards are bigger.

I enjoyed the company blurbs. It was interesting to see what these companies are doing. It's always cool to see it and think "oh, someone in Utah made that? I use that all the time!"

Posted by Rachel at Sun Jun 29 2008 03:55

sounds like fun!


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