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[Comments] (1) Lagoon/Cabin Fun Days: Two more long, exhausting and exciting days this week. My friend Theresa and I took our babies to Lagoon. She had 1/2 price tickets and no one to go with and insisted on paying for me, so we went. Did you know that you have to pay to take babies to Lagoon? What a joke. They can go to Lagoon A Beach and on three of the rides for free. So that's what we did.

We got there before it opened and staked out a prime spot on the "beach". I decided to go on a waterslide before there was a line. Well, I climbed all the way up there without a tube and was left with Scary Slide #1 or Scary Slide #2 - you know, the plunge to your death slides? What was I thinking? The Lagoon website says "plunge nearly 70 feet straight down". Yikes. I hyperventilated the whole way down, but managed to survive. Barely.

We basically floated around the lazy river all day, and I mean all day. Maggie and Devan both fell asleep! I got a bit sunburned in places I missed, either because I couldn't reach or Maggie was distracting my sunscreen-putting-on. We rode the fastest merry-go-round I've ever been on, and waited in line for the train to take us around Utah's Second Largest Zoo. Then we came home.

Today we went to Grandma June's and Susan picked the three of us up and took us to the cabin. A day at the cabin with my in-laws and Maggie's great-grandma? Fun, I promise! We sat around doing nothing and chatting while Maggie played with cars. I took Maggie for a little walk to pet some horses, which she loved. I haven't been for a walk up there without someone to talk to maybe ever. I really enjoyed the peace and quiet. Maggie was exhausted but propping her eyelids open and was perfectly content with my occasional commentary of butterflies and flowers.

Tomorrow we are going to Logan for Jamie and Dave's "reception" so another fun and long day for us.


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