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: We've let Maggie get good and used to facing forward in the car with all the driving we've done lately. Yesterday we drove up to Logan to meet Dave's family and have a little party for Jamie and him. Today after church we drove up to the cabin to relax a little bit. We went for a nice walk. Maggie has been taking naps later in the afternoon and slept in her stroller today.

I taught Sunday School today. 5 of our boys came. I read them The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss. The lesson was on peer pressure, and I found a Recreational Therapy protocol using this book to teach about cliques and figured it would be close enough. It was. I've never had a class of such respectful teenage boys as when I was reading them The Sneetches out loud! Afterwards we talked for a bit and then played Pass the Pigs with each of them answering questions from the lesson before their turn (name an example of pressure (good or bad) from the scriptures or church history, etc.).


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