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[Comments] (4) Richardson Musical Oddity Poll:

1. Do you know the song, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport"?
2. What words do you sing to "Pop Goes the Weasel"?
3. How much of The Music Man can you repeat off the top of your head? And how fast?

Think about it before you respond.

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Posted by Rachel at Fri Aug 29 2008 07:51

1. yes
2. all around the jack in the box the monkey[ies?] chase the weasel. all around the jack in the box. you know the rest
3. A lot. probably 40% at normal speed. If listening to the soundtrack I could prob sing along with 90%

Posted by Leonard at Sat Aug 30 2008 16:48

1. Yes.
2. All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel, the monkey thought 'twas all in fun, etc.
3. Maybe 60%-70% at normal speed.

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 01 2008 18:12

non Richardsons are supposed to vote so we can see how weird we are.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Sep 04 2008 08:23

I think it's clear that we're pretty weird.


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