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: Another weekend full of long days. Jamie and Dave's wedding was yesterday, so I got Maggie up early to drive up there for that. It was a nice wedding and Maggie survived an hour with 5 of her cousins and Uncle Franco. She enjoyed the flowers, the fountain, and being pushed around in her stroller. We took some pictures and headed home.

Today we went up to the cabin after church. We got to see everyone (except Jamie and Dave who are in Mexico), and Erin's parents were there too. We laughed about the teenage boys who came running out the door to see Maggie, and played with toy cars under the pool table even after she had lost interest. It got very cloudy and rained hard on the way home.

Hopefully, Maggie will go to nursery by herself next week. She did even better today, so long as no one else was playing with the toys she wanted to play with.


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