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[Comments] (1) Early Birthday: We had our family birthday party today. I got everything I wanted! I got $$ to spend on new clothes (seriously. need. new. clothes. Without holes.), iTunes gift cards, restaurant gift card and Amazon gift card. Woo hoo! I will be doing some online shopping tomorrow, and definitely be making a trip to Old Navy and/or Target soon to fix my holey clothes problem.

I made an eclair cake, which was entirely gobbled up. "If God woke up early and made a cake today, this would be it." Yum. Also, Ember played two songs on the piano, which was very sweet and a good experience for her.

John had to leave early to go to work (against his will and better judgement). The guy making him come in showed up over an hour late! grrrrrrr. Also, Maggie's been quite clingy/fussy around other people lately. I'm wondering if it's because poor John has had to work so much. She wailed in nursery today and kept pointing towards the door - while I was in there with her. She just wanted her daddy.

[Comments] (2) Note to Self: Endure to the end… Be faithful… And, Stop acting that way!

Also: "I figure if things can't cook reliably with only a little guidance from me, they get what they deserve."


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