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[Comments] (1) Annual Bookworm Post: I read about 19000 pages (in completed books) this year, more than double 2007. I read the Twilight series twice, three Eragon books, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, lots of novels and a few organizing and parenting tip books.

Some other numbers from 2008:
Articles published: 67. My goal was one a week, which I didn’t do, but I guess this is good enough.
Coupon Savings (since June): $153.83

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Posted by Kristen at Sat Jan 03 2009 13:44

Super cool...You really liked all those books enough to re-read them? Interesting. I think there are so many books on my list that I would feel bad rereading books. I do want to refresh myself on the CofN though.

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