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[Comments] (6) Greener Pastures: (to borrow my title from John.)

Very early this morning I lay awake on Maggie's floor for half an hour thinking of everything I didn't like about living in California. Cockroaches. Cost of living. No Zuppa's. No Cafe Rio. No family. Spiders. 1/4 the living space for the same price. No yard. No cousins for Maggie. Apartment living. No playdates. Crappy library and no storytime. And umm... cockroaches. Am I trying too hard?


Posted by MArk at Tue Jan 13 2009 14:12

Don't forget the bad air.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 13 2009 14:53

Utah has that, too.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Jan 13 2009 16:24

Funny - I'm reading this on my first day back in SF, just reveling in all the things I didn't even realize I missed....

Posted by John at Wed Jan 14 2009 07:54

I very much miss CA, and am excited to go back next week. Or is it that the grass is always greener?

Posted by v cold R at Thu Jan 15 2009 14:40

let's um, let's all move back

Posted by Susie at Thu Jan 15 2009 15:27

That's the subconscious plan, according to Aunt Pat at least. ;)

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