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Hello, World: I was already feeling a little boring when I clicked on my blog's random entry generator just now, and was shown an entry involving Latin dancing, trips to London and pleather pants. Sigh. None of those things are currently forecasted, especially not the pleather pants.

In real life, Jodi, Franco, Maggie and I went to visit Grandma June today, then we met up with more family at IHOP. I got to sit next to Logan, who made me laugh, and Maggie got to sit next to Franco, who made her laugh. I did some cleaning and a couple hours of work for Jamie, and we went for a walk to get the nonmail. And I just had a delicious rootbeer float.

Oh yeah, for Valentine's Day John bought me and Maggie some delicious, fancy cookies. We made him Valentines and bought him a power cord for the elliptical (so romantic). Jodi watched Maggie in the morning so John and I could go to the temple together. I made shrimp scampi for lunch (for John (and Jodi)) and picked up a stuffed crust Hawaiian pizza (for me) for dinner.


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