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[Comments] (3) So Much for That: We got two new sets of neighbors this week. John and I were just enjoying our third day of having no For Sale signs on our side of the street when a new one went up today. There are currently 5 houses on our street for sale or rent - out of 20 total houses! That makes 9 total since we bought our house, once of which has changed hands twice.


Posted by Leonard at Wed Feb 25 2009 05:56

Is Maggie driving everyone away?

Posted by John at Wed Feb 25 2009 07:09

Now who? The people at the top of the street? If so, I hope it does sell. I'm sick and tired of looking at their dandelion infested lawn, watching the seeds drift down the street onto our lawn.

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 25 2009 07:09

I don't think Maggie's driving them away, we don't know most of them.

Yes, at the top of the street.

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