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[Comments] (1) Reminds me of Mom: I've neglected to mention that I've been called to teach the Valiant 10 Primary class in our ward. I think there are about 10 kids total. I am a team teacher, but the lady I teach with hasn't been to church since I was called, and won't be there the next two weeks. Also, we get to do Sharing Time next week! The good news is that since John isn't teaching, I can use all his creative ideas for myself.

Last night was Girl's Night Out with John's cousins. We went to Leatherby's, so I had cheesefries and a Black & Tan for dinner. This Black & Tan had toasted almond ice cream, instead of English Toffee or something like Rosemary's has, but it was still very yummy.


Posted by John at Wed Mar 11 2009 16:09

I miss Primary. Oh well, at least I have a friend in EQ and SS to sit with.

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