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: Despite the germs floating around our house this weekend, we've managed to have a busy and fun time. Maggie and I went to a playdate at the park on Friday morning, with our gloves and mittens on. Yesterday we went to visit Grandma June with Jodi while John got some work done. Jodi and I did a 550 piece puzzle while Grandma entertained Maggie, then we had a McDonald's picnic at the Lehi Cemetery. We had Jamba Juice for dinner to help our poor throats feel better.

Today, in addition to my Primary class, I was in charge of Sharing Time. Luckily, John gave me a great idea for an activity that went really well. My fuzzy head and misbehaving pre-teen boys didn't help, but I survived. We went to dinner with Jodi and Franco at Maggie's favorite place, "'Ma Papa's!" It was so yummy! We had pork au jus sandwiches, yummy salad, and baked potatoes. And ice cream sundaes for dessert. Maggie was a good eater, dipping her meat into my dip. She is such a little carnivore. She wore out her Grandpa from playing after dinner.


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