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Best Dr. Appt Ever: Maggie had her 2-year check up today. We had a busy morning full of errand-running, but I made time to tell her what would happen at the doctor. I didn't mention shots, so luckily she didn't need any. Anyway, she is big enough now to stand on the scale, and have her height measured standing. I think that made all the difference. She started to cry when I took her shoes off, but I reminded her they were just going to see how big she was and she was fine. She is 23.5 lbs and 33" tall.

She was really good while the doctor talked to me, repeating words she heard. Apparently, 2 year olds only have to know 20 words to be normal! Maggie must know well over 100. The doctor listen to her heart, and looked at her tummy and in her ears. Then he backed off and she said "eyes! eyes!" I had told her he was going to look in her eyes and she thought he forgot. Then she just sat there like a princess the whole time and didn't cry once.

Afterward, I took her to Coldstone for her free birthday ice cream. And maybe a bit of a bribe.

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