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[Comments] (10) Our Garden Grows: A little Chadwick Sprout is on the way, expected on October 3rd. Maggie is pretty excited about the baby in mommy’s tummy, and I am pretty excited that maybe I will start feeling better soon. I am way more nauseous than with Maggie. Everyone, including my doctor, says this means I am having a boy. We shall see!

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Posted by Mom and Dad at Tue Mar 24 2009 16:00

We had to read it here. We didn't get a phone call?

Posted by Mom and+Dad at Tue Mar 24 2009 16:02

Almost forgot -- congrats to us -- the grandparents.

Posted by Susie at Tue Mar 24 2009 16:39

You had to read what here? You already knew we were having a baby.

Posted by Mom and+Dad at Tue Mar 24 2009 18:54

Just the doctor details. I'm a grandma and like the details of my new one.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Mar 24 2009 20:28

Wow, congrats! I don't know...you usually hear that people are less sick with boys. Of course every pregnancy is different. It will be exciting to find out what you are having soon enough. :) Hope you feel better soon. I hate that part.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Mar 25 2009 07:10

Mega-congrats from us! I look forward to meeting my new nephew or niece.

Posted by Louise Walch at Wed Mar 25 2009 14:45

Yay! Congratulations to you. Joe and I are excited to be able to supply your baby with a cousin who is due that same week!

Posted by MArk at Wed Mar 25 2009 19:36


Posted by Auntie Rachel at Thu Mar 26 2009 08:09


Posted by Julie at Thu Mar 26 2009 09:43

Congratulations! I feel your pain. I find out on Monday what I am having :) I had to wait too long..

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