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[Comments] (1) I *heart* my husband: This happened a while ago, when I was first pregnant, and I've been saving it in perpetuity. I mean, to post on my blog after people knew I was pregnant. Yeah, that.

Susie: I should have put those green onions away. The smell is making me sick.
John: That's what you get.
John gets up, puts the green onions away, puts the cutting board in the dishwasher, AND sprays room freshener.


We went to Zuppa's for dinner today. It is too easy to talk John into eating out, if Zuppa's is involved. I've been cooking dinner though, and I even cooked chicken for the first time in weeks. The doctor recommended a drug cocktail that has kept me from throwing up, so yay.

[Comments] (1) : Despite several inches of snow yesterday, today is a beautiful, warm, sunny Spring day. We celebrated by taking a long walk and spending an hour at the park.

[Comments] (1) And so it begins: I bought Maggie a potty seat at Target today. She calls it her purple potty. She and Piglet both got stickers for sitting on the potty, but Maggie was chanting "no pee-pee" the whole time she sat there.

Maggie has learned how to say her name and now refers to herself in the third person. "No, Maggie's juice!" etc.

I found a paint-with-water Pooh book - Easter themed, even - while getting out games for the Chadwick Girl's Night on Saturday. Maggie sat at the kitchen table and colored a picture while I did the dishes today. She really enjoyed it. I hope that stuff isn't toxic...

Eggs in the Dark: Tonight we took Maggie to the neighborhood Flashlight Egg Hunt. She thought it was great! I told her all day we were going to find eggs at the park. It was still light when we got there, so she saw the eggs scattered all over the park and got really excited.

She loved picking up the eggs when John shone the flashlight on them, and putting them in her little bag. When we couldn't find anymore she started saying "More eggs, more eggs!" so I threw the empty ones I'd picked up on the ground in front of her for her to "find".

Easter Bunnies Everywhere: We took Maggie to the Draper City Easter Egg Hunt at the park this morning. It was better organized than I anticipated, and I was glad to see a section for 0-2 year olds (the whole thing was divided by age). Maggie got a few eggs and really a lot of suckers. She also got her picture taken with the Easter bunny! She was a little unsure at first, due to repeated viewings of "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown". But John assured her he was the one who put out all the eggs for her to find.

We will not be able to go to a park without Maggie saying "eggs!" for quite some time. We had a playdate at the flashlight hunting park on Friday and everytime she would go down the slide, she'd sit at the top and chant "no eggs, no eggs" first.

Since it is an overcast, sprinkly day, we went for a walk to IKEA. Other than $2.50 on hotdogs for the 3 of us, we didn't buy anything, but we spent 2 hours walking around and entertaining/wearing out Maggie. We planned the "office" we're going to put in the random space in our basement, once our current office becomes a nursery. When we left, who was standing by the entrance? The Easter Bunny, of course! Maggie gave him a big hug and got to pick a treat from his basket. She was pretty excited about it.

[Comments] (2) Happy Easter! "Eggs!": Even more Easter Fun.

Maggie's had four more egg hunts: in the backyard last night, in the basement this morning, and helping Daddy find the Cadbury caramel eggs I hid for him. She doesn't care what's in the eggs, she just likes to find them.

Right after church, we had another egg hunt at "Ma Papa's". She was a little Socialist Butterfly, handing out her eggs and candy to everyone else after the hunt. I realized later, as she distributed an entire bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, she probably was being the Easter Beagle.

I taught Primary today, and I couldn't believe how well my lesson went. I won't say it was because certain kids weren't there, but it possibly was. The kids enjoyed picking an egg with a question, quote, or scripture, even though I didn't bring any candy. Sharing Time was also really good. The lesson was on Testimony and really made me think about my testimony about Jesus' resurrection and atonement. Then the new song we're learning this month is one of my favorites, "I Wonder When He Comes Again."

[Comments] (1) Baby Fat: We've returned from a quick post-tax season getaway to Park City. It snowed quite a bit right before we left, so it was cold, but we still had a good time. I made my semi-annual phone call to Uncle Justin, and we enjoyed a night of Cable TV. We bought a few things at the outlets, but only things we had planned on purchasing, and we spent much less on food than we thought we would.

I got two maternity shirts, hopefully all I will have to buy. I borrowed most of the clothes I wore during my last pregnancy, so I don't have much, but I'm planning to make and alter some clothes.

So, speaking of maternity shirts, here is a picture of me (and baby!) wearing one. Definitely getting fat. But not so fat. I banned myself from the scale this week, so I can't say for sure, but I probably still weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Maggie. The doctor told me to gain less than 30 pounds (hah!). I gained 40 with Maggie and lost 55, so I think I'll be ok.

[Comments] (3) Best Dollar Ever Spent: I said this to a man at the park today while Maggie was flying her new Cars kite. We were at a different park last night with 5 or 6 kites up, and we actually had to leave because Maggie would not stop saying "Maggie kite!" So we picked out one at the store today and went to a park up the hill when John got home.

Perhaps it's because we live in the perfect town for kite-flying, but it was really easy. Maggie had no trouble doing it, and she only let go three times. The park we went to is right next to the mountain. The mountain is literally in the backyard of the houses across the street. We saw a lot of deer - about 15 - grazing on the hill, and plenty of flyers from the hang-gliding park.

[Comments] (1) Dictation: Maggie got a hand-me-down MagnaDoodle from Ember. She likes to say words or names for us to write on it. Usually it's something like "Maggie. Daddy. Mommy. Colette. Baby." In that order. Yesterday she also wanted "James" written, after having a playdate with him. Now she wants me to draw her a kite.

Maggie used to say "okay" when I guessed correctly what she was trying to tell me (or something else acceptable). Now she says "mm-hmm", occasionally accompanied with a nod of her little head. John theorized that she picked it up from watching My Neighbor Totoro.

Also, we checked out a few books about using the potty from the library. Maggie calls them "poopy books". ETA: She stepped on a pile of library books, slid a little, and said "Uh-oh poopy!"

: What have we here? A beautifully made bed? A Primary lesson* in progress? And no Maggie in sight? What a sweet husband I have.

*I normally would not be planning a Primary lesson on Sunday morning but my team teacher works for a temp agency and called me late Saturday night. Sigh.

Busy Me: If it seems like I've been busy lately, it's because I have. I've taken on a little project - little in amount of time until deadline, not in amount I have to do - helping someone revise a book. Seriously!

John and I are going to the temple on Friday, so we took Maggie to show her around. She says "temple" so cute.

We had a busy morning, beginning with taking John's car to get the tires rotated at 8:30. It only took 10 minutes instead of the 30-45 I had planned on, so we went to Draper Park until JoAnn's opened, then shopped, then went to storytime at the library. When we got home Maggie's little friend Ethan came over to play for a bit. No nap today, so none for me, and I took a break from working to get some cleaning done.

[Comments] (1) Do you have a shirt that you really love?: The scrapbook I am currently filling has 45 layouts in it. There are pictures of me on 25 of them. In 8 of them, I am wearing the same gray sweatshirt. If you don't count the ones where I'm wearing a swimming suit or a hospital gown or was told what to wear (family pictures), and include the one where Rachel (!) is wearing the gray sweatshirt, that makes 47% of the pictures of me also featuring this sweatshirt. I really do wear it almost every day. I've had it 6 1/2 years and it is starting to wear thin where I poke my thumbs inside the sleeves. The zipper pull has been missing for ages.

I once said to Rachel "Hey, I have a sweatshirt just like that. Mine is missing the zipper pull, too. Wait a minute..." on a different occasion than the one scrapbooked.

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