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[Comments] (1) I *heart* my husband: This happened a while ago, when I was first pregnant, and I've been saving it in perpetuity. I mean, to post on my blog after people knew I was pregnant. Yeah, that.

Susie: I should have put those green onions away. The smell is making me sick.
John: That's what you get.
John gets up, puts the green onions away, puts the cutting board in the dishwasher, AND sprays room freshener.


We went to Zuppa's for dinner today. It is too easy to talk John into eating out, if Zuppa's is involved. I've been cooking dinner though, and I even cooked chicken for the first time in weeks. The doctor recommended a drug cocktail that has kept me from throwing up, so yay.

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Posted by Kristen at Sat Apr 04 2009 11:18

That's a keeper. It must be a prerequisite for every potential husband. If they say no, move on ladies! There is something so debilitating about being sick, but I am glad you have medicine.

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