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[Comments] (2) Happy Easter! "Eggs!": Even more Easter Fun.

Maggie's had four more egg hunts: in the backyard last night, in the basement this morning, and helping Daddy find the Cadbury caramel eggs I hid for him. She doesn't care what's in the eggs, she just likes to find them.

Right after church, we had another egg hunt at "Ma Papa's". She was a little Socialist Butterfly, handing out her eggs and candy to everyone else after the hunt. I realized later, as she distributed an entire bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, she probably was being the Easter Beagle.

I taught Primary today, and I couldn't believe how well my lesson went. I won't say it was because certain kids weren't there, but it possibly was. The kids enjoyed picking an egg with a question, quote, or scripture, even though I didn't bring any candy. Sharing Time was also really good. The lesson was on Testimony and really made me think about my testimony about Jesus' resurrection and atonement. Then the new song we're learning this month is one of my favorites, "I Wonder When He Comes Again."


Posted by MArk at Mon Apr 13 2009 16:00

"Socialist Butterfly" I find this phrase very amusing.

Posted by rachel at Tue Apr 14 2009 06:47

we had a socialist easter egg hunt too! I realised it's been years since I've hunted eggs.

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