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[Comments] (1) What to Wear: Here's what I own as far as maternity clothes go: 9 shirts (4 of which are too hot to wear this summer), 1 pair of nice pants, 1 pair of jeans, and 1 dress. I also have some undershirts, two of which are tooooo small. Maternity shirts can be really sleazy so these are a must.

Going to DI today to drop off the three bags of stuff we've collected over the past 6 months, and to scout out jeans/fabric I can use to make maternity clothes. I was going to use a pair of jeans I already had (1 size too big, and 2 sizes too big) but I spent several weeks relying on each. So I think I'd better keep them as is. I already have some fabric to make a skirt, and fabric and elastic to alter the jeans.

Hopefully, Tasha's baby will be safely out in a few weeks and I can borrow some of her clothes, too. I'm getting quite the tummy.

UPDATE: I found a pair of maternity capris, which I actually considered paying $40 for at a maternity store, for $4. I also got two pairs of jeans. One is 2 sizes too big and really low cut so they fit great right now. The other pair I couldn't zip up all the way, so they will be perfect for making maternity jeans. The great thing was, since I didn't have to be picky about size I could pick out the cutest jeans.

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Posted by Louise at Fri May 08 2009 08:35

I'm living in a pair of black yoga pants.
Great job on the bargain capris! You're my kind of woman!

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