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Big Winner: A good mail day today. I got the maternity swimsuit I ordered and another surprise package. The swimsuit is not as cute as it looks online. The colors are a lot brighter. However, it fits well and I think that is more than one can reasonably expect from a maternity swimsuit purchased online, and no more than I can ask with a swim-play-date tomorrow morning and a vacation starting on Friday.

I thought the other box was something Rachel ordered so I didn't open it excitedly as soon as I got home. When I did open it, I just stared at it for a minute before I realized what it was. I won a prize on Mommysavers, and I didn't even notice. The contest barely ended on Sunday! I won two free Carl's Jr. milkshakes, Season 1 of the OC, body wash, lotion and a wallflower from Bath and Body Works, and a digital camcorder. Just in time for our vacation!

This is at least the 5th prize I've won from Mommysavers in the two years I've been hanging out there. I won a cutting board and hand towel when I first joined. I won a DVD (can't remember what it was, I sold it on eBay... the direction the OC is going soon). Also, a $20 Target gift card, and recently a touch-and-feel baby book. I think there might have been something else. Yay, me!

So excited for our trip to Yellowstone on Friday. I've had a crazy-busy day and another one tomorrow, but hopefully all will be ready and we'll have a blast.

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