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[Comments] (1) So far on our trip: We've already done a ton of stuff on our trip to Yellowstone. We stopped at Bear World on the way up and took Maggie on some kiddie rides, petted a deer, and saw some baby bear cubs. Yesterday, we went into the park and made our way to Old Faithful. We saw some other geysers, boiling mud pots, and some wildlife. We saw some elk, an eagle, and a lot of buffalo. Maggie enjoyed watching the baby buffalo "bunning" (running) and thought it was hilarious when one of them rolled on the grass to scratch his back, just like our neighbor's dog does. She yelled "oh no!" in her silly voice. We got so close (in our car) that we could hear them tearing the grass off as they ate.

Our favorite stop that we made was seeing the Prismatic Spring. We had to hike up through a LOT of steam. It was dripping off our faces. We stuck Maggie in the backpack and Dad in the wheelchair and made our way up. The Prismatic Spring was covered in steam, because it was so cold, but we still got some pretty great views.

Today it SNOWED all morning, so we went to a Grizzly and Wolf habitat in town. We got to watch some huge grizzly bears lumber around, and a few of the wolves came to say hi to Maggie through the glass.

Maggie is having a lot of fun. She is attached to Ember during all waking hours, and enjoying the company of two of her new cousins, Sabrina and Mary, as well. We've worn her out pretty good; I'm missing the wolf feeding because she went ahead and put herself down for a nap.


Posted by rachel at Thu Jun 11 2009 06:03

when are you coming back? I miss talking to you & maggie

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