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[No comments] The Grand Tetons: We've spent the last two days in the Grand Teton National Park. We saw some boats, a frog, a tiny snake, and a moose carcass. Yesterday we went to Jenny Lake and String Lake and did a hike all the way around String Lake (about 3.5 miles). It wasn't a very hard hike, and we got beautiful views of the lake.

Today we went with just Brook, Erin and Ember and Jodi and Franco into the park. We went to Jackson Lake and dropped off Jodi and Franco for fishing ("iffing"). Then we took off to find a hike. We found one that went over a sandbar to an island and all the way around the island. The sun came out - we haven't had terrific weather on this trip, so this was really nice. We stopped at a rocky beach. Maggie learned how fun it is to throw rocks into the water. Ember and Erin waded in the water. After we walked back we ate lunch on the shore with Jodi and Franco, and acted like kids by throwing rocks into the water.

We're heading home tomorrow. It's going to be a long drive.

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