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[No comments] Really. Long. Hot.. Day.: Yesterday began with a morning walk with a friend. I had to wake Maggie up to go. (She's been sleeping in a lot lately, but apparently that changes starting today). If you ask Maggie about this walk, she won't say that we walked, or visited the horsies, or went past James and Kate's house; she remembers Cody let her play with his toy car.

Immediately after we got home, we rushed off to the grocery store, then dropped off groceries and hurried to the library for storytime. We had goldfish and melty ice cream for lunch, and were very hot and sweaty by the time we got home. Maggie didn't take a nap and was super hyper by the time Erin and Ember came for piano lessons.

In the evening I went to a bridal shower for John's cousin. When I got home, I did a quick clean of the bathrooms and floors, because today we are going to the cabin and hiking! Hurray! Maggie says we are going to the cabin to play balls and beep-beeps, and going hiking to a cave with MaPapa. We are indeed hiking to Timpanogos Cave this afternoon, but Grandma and Grandpa will be joining us on a wheelchair friendly non-hike tomorrow.

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