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[Comments] (3) Things Maggie Says: "Horsie braids": I asked Maggie if she wanted pigtails or ponytails and she asked for "neigh neigh". Since braiding her hair keeps it out of her face best, I like to do it most. So we've started calling them horsie braids, so she'll ask for them. This reminds me that I called half-ponytails "birdie tails" when requesting them from Mom.

"Time to go!": Maggie now announces when she is done being somewhere. A few weeks ago, she was saying this in Sacrament Meeting before the meeting had even started. She also used it to tell me she was done going down waterslides at the water park the other day.

":Almost home": She says this when we get off the freeway to get to our house, or otherwise get near our house. Sometimes she also says "Almost to Ma Papa's".

"Mommy Daddy temple, Maggie temple": She says this when she gets a view of the Draper Temple while we wait to turn onto the highway. And any other time a temple is mentioned.

She also repeats just about anything I say. If I answer a question, she'll repeat what I say. "Where Aunt O-ey (Jodi) go?" "She's waiting at Aunt Jamie's for Uncle Franco to come get her." "Wait at Aunt Ee's, Coco come get her."

Maggie loves to play with my bobbins and spools of different colored thread. She likes to line them up, and if you look carefully in the picture, you'll see that the three with holes are on one end, and the two without thread are rejected (one is in the Fisher Price car). She is very organized when playing with her toys.

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Posted by Kristen at Sat Jul 11 2009 05:28

What a cute little personality. I love the things they say. Simply adorable.

Posted by Leonard at Sat Jul 11 2009 10:41


Posted by anonymous at Tue Jul 14 2009 13:36

We all love Maggie!

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