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[Comments] (1) Happy Anniversary, Part 2: Thanks to Jodi and Franco for watching Maggie for us on Saturday. We went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and had take-out lunch from Ruby River. Maggie went to the park, drove a beep-beep at the grocery store, and watched some Snoopy shows. She was asking today when Mommy and Daddy are going bye-bye again; she sure had a lot of fun.

I am pretty sure that Maggie had roseola when she was sick last week. 3 days of fever, followed by a rash on her tummy for less than a day. She was pretty irritable with the fever. Now her irritability has turned into something... irate.

She's been waking up screaming inconsolably, for 10 to 45 minutes. Usually, it's when she is ready to wake up anyway, either in the morning, or after nap. But last night she was up in the middle of the night, and today she was screaming before her nap. Not sure what's going on. We are experimenting with less sugar, and praying for more patience.

[Comments] (2) Susie the Circus Performer:

She flies through the air with the greatest of ease
Susanna Banana did not eat her peas
Her kittens have ticks and her puppies have fleas
And she always comes down in the bay.

The Flying Trapeze was written about Jules Leotard, inventor of the... leotard. For the record, I like peas.

[Comments] (5) Birthday Wishes: John asked me what I wanted for my birthday, so I guess it's time I decide. We're expecting a new arrival within a few weeks of my birthday, and he needs a lot more stuff than I do.

chocolate-covered caramels
chocolate-covered cinnamon bears
Jo-Ann gift card
IKEA gift card (organizing stuff for my new office)
Babies R Us gift card (the chance to pick out baby clothes!)
restaurant gift cards (Zuppa's, Jamba Juice, pizza. Things I will use within a few weeks of my birthday, or that John (or Rachel!) can go get for me after)
an extended visit from my sister (or anyone else I like who lives more than 500 miles away)

You can also check my Amazon wishlist, Target baby registry, and Amazon baby registry. A baby registry (especially two essentially similar ones) is somewhat superfluous, but I made them to get free gift cards.

Obedience School: I think Maggie has been spending too much time with Jetta and Jazzy. The other night I went into her room when she was screaming. I thought she was saying "sick" - a good reason to be screaming in the night, and also Colette had just been to the ER. Nope. She was telling me firmly to "Sit!"

I buv you!: On Monday morning, Maggie and I paid a short visit to Grandma June. As we were saying goodbye I said, "love you" to Grandma, and Maggie said, "I buv you!" so cute. Her first spontaneous "I love you."

[Comments] (1) Farm Auction: Last night was the talent auction, my favorite Enrichment. I've been looking forward to it for months, AEB finishing my donation weeks and weeks ago. I made two felt sack lunch sets. They were the first thing auctioned so they didn't go for much, but both people who won them told me how cute they were.

I won two dinners, a plate of brownies, and a painting of Mike Wyzowski done by one of the YW.

Today we went with the ward playgroup to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. Maggie has been looking forward to riding a pony all week. She did great, and enjoyed petting the animals and feeding the horses from her hand. She was afraid just walking by the goats, but she let horse eat from her tiny hand.

[Comments] (2) Sing Song: Do you ever get a song in your head and wonder where you heard it before? Ember is learning Jacques Offenbach's Barcarolle. I finally decided it was in Life is Beautiful and I was right. Thanks, Wiki.

Last night we held a piano recital for my students, my first. Only four of my students were able to attend, but they did such a great job. I'm so proud of them.

[Comments] (2) The Beginning of the End: I am typing up another journal Mom wrote (1978-1985). It's actually a journal for "Posterity" that she and Dad both wrote in. I'm keeping this one, so I haven't been in a hurry to type it up. But I wanted Leonard and Rachel to be able to read it, since it encompasses our early childhood.

Reading Mom's journals, and especially her patriarchal blessings, is like reading a book to which you already know the ending.

Sew Soon: Recording my birth in her journal, Mom wrote, "I accomplished nearly everything I wanted to do before the birth of the baby – including making Leonard’s Halloween costume. I guess it’s time to start working on Christmas now."

My birthday is about two weeks before our baby's due date. And Mom sews a lot faster than I do. I'd better get started. 51 days to go.

I made a list of things I want to get done before the baby arrives, really a lot of which is sewing. Today I picked up fabric for Maggie's Halloween costume, and luckily Christmas fabric is out already. Maybe I will actually get stockings and a tree skirt made this year.

: Maggie took a nice long nap yesterday, so I got started on my list of things to do before the baby is born. I got two projects completed, entirely from scraps. First, a grocery bag dispenser, just like the rag holder I made Leonard. It's even made out of the same repurposed material, a badly sewn apron I made for Pioneer Day when I was 18 and worried some of my Primary children wouldn't have costumes for the parade. I also made a rice bag warmie for a birthday present, using flannel scraps from a pair of boxers I made Leonard last Christmas.

I made a pair of baby pants, also out of Leonard boxer scraps, but they are so tiny they'd barely fit a newborn (at least, one wearing a diaper). So we will call them practice. Baby D has a 12 pairs of PJs and only a few pairs of pants, so more will be made.

[Comments] (1) Check and Check: I am still plugging away at my pre-baby-D list. Yesterday, I made a sheet for our pack-n-play. We tried to buy as much gender-neutral stuff as possible with Maggie, but I could never find the green sheets, or even blue, and eventually had to settle for pink. So John picked out some flannel when we were spending his bonus money on food storage on Saturday, and I made one. It was really easy, and it will be nice and snuggly for our winter baby. The flannel was $3/yard, and I bought 8 yards of 1/4" elastic for 97 cents!!

Another project, I just finished is Maggie's Halloween costume. I made her a "Lucy dress" - as in Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts. It cost about $5 to make and she really likes it. I used a different style on the same pattern from previous dresses, and leftover thread from Rachel's dress, so I just had to buy the fabric (with a 40% coupon, of course).

In non-sewing news, we are in the middle of rotating our water storage. Very exciting. Next up, a tree skirt and Christmas stockings, which I never made last year, and a quiet book for Maggie.

Grandma Rosie Face: I was looking at the pictures I took of Maggie in her Lucy Dress and kept thinking she looked a lot like her 2nd cousin, Leah. When I told Rachel, we decided it was a Grandma Rosie face. I didn't post all the pictures, but she looks like that in the other ones too.

Family, New and Old: Maggie and I went down to Provo today to see my cousin Julie's new baby, Vivian, and Aunt Anne (and Julie and Chuck, of course). On our way down, we stopped to visit Grandma June. Grandma suggested we sit outside. I said I was too hot to go push Maggie on the swing and we sat on the porch. Grandma told Maggie to go play on the swing, and next thing I know, she is over sitting on the swing with her. I had nothing to do with it! That silly Grandma will never stop playing.

We had a really nice visit with Anne and Julie. Anne called earlier and said we were going to the fabric store, which made me cry for missing my mom. On the way down, I tried to convince Maggie that "Aunt Anne" and "Aunt Erin" were not the same person. She was shockingly ok with sitting at the table with Anne while I went and snuggled the baby. Then we went on a fabric shopping spree (all the really cute stuff was purple, so I still don't have anything to make baby's carseat cover with) and ate lunch. Julie is lucky to have her mom there making her yummy food and forcing her to take naps.

One of Maggie's favorite things about the trip was seeing the Y on the mountain (and, let's face it, the G). She asked about the U, but no such luck. Then she started asking for A and B. She also enjoyed the "M for Maggie going in circles, so big!" at the McDonald's on University Parkway.

Also, for some reason I was incredibly dexterous today. Chuck joked that maybe I was the opposite of most pregnant people, but it's not true, and Maggie tripped on the rug just then to prove my point. One manuever, hopping across the kitchen floor to grab the stool Maggie was trying to climb up before it toppled on her, can be explained by super-parenting skills. But I randomly caught the fork she dropped, and the book she tried to throw across the room. Just awesome today, I guess.

More "Beaning": We didn't have church today, due to the Oquirrh Hills Temple dedication, so we went up to the cabin last night. This morning we decided to go for a hike. By the time we were ready to leave, it was raining, so we waited it out making delicious mint-chip cookie dough. It stopped raining, so we left.

We weren't even to the trail by the time it started pouring. Not so bad: we had an umbrella, and borrowed sweatshirts from the cabin. Then we had to wade through 3 feet of wet grass in the meadows, which completely drenched us. Then it started raining even harder. Maggie was quite happy in her carrier, under her rain cover, and "helping" to hold the umbrella. The rain stopped about halfway to the lake (Tibble Fork Reservoir) but by then we were headed downhill in the mud, so it still wasn't much fun.

John said, "every time we mention the word 'cabin' it rains." Very true, unfortunately.

Blue Slides and Project Updates: This morning I took Maggie and Ember to the waterpark (Blue Slides, as Maggie calls it). Ember starts school on Wednesday, so it is our last time taking her. It was about 80 degrees and cloudy and we were just about the only people there. Maggie got tired of riding the slides (even though she didn't get dunked this time) and let Ember watch her so I could go by myself. Amazing! I hardly get to do anything by myself.

I also finished a cover for our car seat. Maggie picked out the fabric and laid claim to it as soon as it had any resemblance to a "monkey blankie". I had to convince her it was for the baby and remind her that she has a pink duckie blankie for the car. She still kept snatching it and tucking herself under it.

Sadly, I noticed that my purse is coming apart - probably because the home dec fabric I used was very unravelly. It probably unraveled itself away from the zipper. I am trying to remember how old Maggie was when I started carrying a purse again, and I think I will make myself a zippered pouch with a cell phone pocket instead. So that has been added to my project list, along with baby hats and getting Maggie's winter clothes in order.

Getting Ready: I've been having contractions, something that didn't happen with Maggie until hours after I was induced. Maybe this baby will come out on time!

: I accomplished a lot today - and none of it was sewing! Maggie and I did some work in the backyard in the morning, and a lot in the front yard in the evening. My squash plants have little green squash on them, they are so cute. This evening, I was pulling weeds from the front lawn and pointing out to Maggie some worms that came wriggling up. Then, I saw the hugest worm I've ever seen! It was about 7 inches long and pretty fat. It totally grossed me out.

I also finished typing my parents' journal from 1978-1986 and started scanning my postcard collection for Leonard's project.

Maggie had a playdate with Colette. Those two are so giggly and girly together.

Update: We went hiking today, with a group from the ward, to Cecret Lake. It was a nice hike, and we got to see some moose hanging out, and also some salamanders swimming in the water. Maggie especially loved the "swings" - she really wanted to go for a ride on the ski lifts! I think I'm done hiking while pregnant - for reals this time.

In addition to finishing the journal, this week's accomplishments from my do-before-baby list include vacuuming the car, making some baby pants and hats, making a zippered bag to use as a mini purse after the baby comes, and getting Maggie's winter clothes in order.

I went through the hand-me-downs. For some reason, we don't have much 2T, and the 18-24 month stuff I thought may still fit this winter... won't. So Maggie has a few 3T things that aren't too big, a few things from last year that will be ok, and I bought 3 new shirts and 3 new pants at Target and Old Navy today, spending only $15 since I recently won an Old Navy gift card.

Maggie thinks Target is the Circle store. "More circle! More shopping!" I don't know what the new obsession with shopping is about. She still doesn't ask for anything besides chocolate milk. I let her help pick out the clothes, so she'd better wear them.

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