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[Comments] (5) Birthday Wishes: John asked me what I wanted for my birthday, so I guess it's time I decide. We're expecting a new arrival within a few weeks of my birthday, and he needs a lot more stuff than I do.

chocolate-covered caramels
chocolate-covered cinnamon bears
Jo-Ann gift card
IKEA gift card (organizing stuff for my new office)
Babies R Us gift card (the chance to pick out baby clothes!)
restaurant gift cards (Zuppa's, Jamba Juice, pizza. Things I will use within a few weeks of my birthday, or that John (or Rachel!) can go get for me after)
an extended visit from my sister (or anyone else I like who lives more than 500 miles away)

You can also check my Amazon wishlist, Target baby registry, and Amazon baby registry. A baby registry (especially two essentially similar ones) is somewhat superfluous, but I made them to get free gift cards.


Posted by r at Thu Aug 06 2009 04:50

does that mean i dont have to get you a present? (also, is the candy for you or for the baby?)

Posted by Susie at Thu Aug 06 2009 07:51

Clearly, the candy is for me, like everything else on the list. It's MY birthday. Unless by 'baby', you mean Maggie, who is sure to devour her fair share.

Posted by anonymous at Thu Aug 06 2009 09:08

I didn't know you liked the choc covered cinnamon bears...me too! Hmmm...black licorice, boggle and now this....maybe we are really sisters!

I don't live 500 miles away so no extended visit wanted from me...so sad :)

Oh, I know exactly what I'm getting you!

Posted by Louise at Thu Aug 06 2009 10:27

You are apparently the bargain queen. So is there something special you did to qualify for gift cards other than signing up for those baby registries? At least from the Amazon and Target sites, there are no banners saying "free gift cards". Can you clue me in?

Posted by Jamie at Fri Aug 07 2009 16:27

oops, I see my first post says anonymous...it's from me!

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