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[No comments] Update: We went hiking today, with a group from the ward, to Cecret Lake. It was a nice hike, and we got to see some moose hanging out, and also some salamanders swimming in the water. Maggie especially loved the "swings" - she really wanted to go for a ride on the ski lifts! I think I'm done hiking while pregnant - for reals this time.

In addition to finishing the journal, this week's accomplishments from my do-before-baby list include vacuuming the car, making some baby pants and hats, making a zippered bag to use as a mini purse after the baby comes, and getting Maggie's winter clothes in order.

I went through the hand-me-downs. For some reason, we don't have much 2T, and the 18-24 month stuff I thought may still fit this winter... won't. So Maggie has a few 3T things that aren't too big, a few things from last year that will be ok, and I bought 3 new shirts and 3 new pants at Target and Old Navy today, spending only $15 since I recently won an Old Navy gift card.

Maggie thinks Target is the Circle store. "More circle! More shopping!" I don't know what the new obsession with shopping is about. She still doesn't ask for anything besides chocolate milk. I let her help pick out the clothes, so she'd better wear them.

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