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[No comments] Love Bug: John got home a few minutes after I put Maggie in bed last night. He peeked in to say goodnight, but unfortunately didn't get to spend any time with her yesterday.

This morning I woke up to, "Daddy! Daddy! Daaaa-ddddy!" and I went in to see her.

Maggie: No, just Daddy!
Me: Daddy's at work.
Maggie: Go find him?
Me: We can't go find him, he's working.
Maggie: Mommy go to work.

Poor little bug misses her daddy, and poor daddy misses his little bug. 5 more days!

We had piano lessons today; I love that Maggie loves her babysitter, a 12-year old girl in the ward who walks up after school. It makes me happy to hear her giggling all the way downstairs. When she left today we watched her walk down the street. As soon as she was out of sight, Maggie started asking to walk to McKell's house.

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