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[Comments] (2) Girl's Day: Maggie and I had an awesome day yesterday. Jodi and I went to the temple in the morning while Maggie played with her Grandma and Grandpa. Mom made potato-cheese soup for lunch. I brought Maggie home for a nap, while I packed for CHA. Then we went to the mall with Jodi. It was a very unexciting mall trip. We didn't buy anything, or even really look at anything, but we got our rings cleaned, which was the purpose.

We went to Jon and Sharon's later, because Uncle Leonard is in town. We went to dinner, along with Cory and Alyssa, and Kristan and Sarah. We hit Maggie's bedtime about the time we ordered our food, but she was well-behaved for the most part. It helped that she adores Sarah and Sarah is very good at entertaining toddlers. We went back to Jon and Sharon's after, and since Maggie was still awake I took her inside to eat some pie and put her PJs on. Soon enough Sarah got out a train set and I had to drag her away to go home. Maggie went to bed around 10.

I called John and realized how much I missed him. It's easy to forget when you are so busy. He gets home this afternoon and we get about 4 hours together before I am leaving for CHA.


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