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[Comments] (5) CHA Recap: Awesome stuff:

1. Staying at the Hilton.
2. Being in Southern California.
3. Flying JetBlue
4. Eating at Cheesecake Factory - twice.
5. Eating authentic Mexican food (even if we had to walk a mile into "un-Disneyfied" Anaheim to get it.
6. Staying up until midnight giggling every night.
7. Yanking old Bazzill color swatches out of the swatch books.
8. Meeting Lisa and Jen from the Coordinates Collections Design Team.
9. Getting lots of free stuff - and not keeping most of it. I'm very proud of myself for fitting everything I brought back into a Making Memories paper holder.
10. Being inspired.
11. Snuggling with Maggie, who seems to have grown and gotten smarter in the four days I was gone.
12. Taking a 2 hour nap.
13. Coming home.

Not so awesome: the 40 degree weather swing on the way home. And I am still exhausted.

I am now ready to start putting my life together, hopefully before the hundreds of products we ordered start rolling in to be put in the store.

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Posted by Mom at Wed Jan 28 2009 20:16

And yet -- you lived through it --

Posted by rachel at Thu Jan 29 2009 05:22

fun! I miss you!!

Posted by John at Thu Jan 29 2009 09:23

Sooo not what I did when I was in CA last week, which is why I tell Maggie you ditched us and I did not.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Jan 29 2009 09:48

haha, touche John. But Susie can't help it if she loves the work she is in. And the people who do it. Even Paris Hilton. :p

Viva la girl time!!

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jan 29 2009 15:53

Hey, last night I dreamt that Leonard and I visited you and you were still a single college gal! Maybe this entry is why.


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