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It's Autumntime: We had a really awesome day today. We sat around all morning - John went to the temple and I worked on Maggie's quiet book. Maggie threw up apple juice everywhere, then played with her fisher price "guys". Jodi met us late in the morning and we went to visit Grandma June. After lunch with Grandma, we went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. We were there over three hours and had a lot of fun. Besides the corn maze, we did a tractor ride, a hay ride, duck races, played in the corn box, watched a goat race, jumped on the giant pillow and in the princess playhouse, and went down the slides a thousand times. We also did the "Iguana of Death" (Maggie and I opted out of this), and a cool 3-D funhouse.

Maggie had tons of fun at the "corn place" and was such a big girl climbing on everything all by herself.

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