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[Comments] (1) Two Fast Weeks: My little boy is already two weeks old. That went by fast! I am mostly recovered, except what we thought was a bruised tailbone turned out to be a cyst and I had to have it lanced at the urgent care yesterday. Ouch. Hopefully in a few days I'll be all better.

Rachel has been a ton of help and it's really nice to have John home. Unfortunately, when John's goes back to work (right after Rachel leaves), he is going out of town. I hope I can survive.

Maggie has been her usual ornery self a lot of the time, throwing fits over whatever a little princess deems fit-worthy. Dalton is a very good baby so far. He has his awake time in the morning, then takes a really long nap in the afternoon. He's just started having crying jags in the evenings.


Posted by Lisa Smith at Fri Oct 23 2009 18:51

Congratulations! I have been behind on my reading!!

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