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[Comments] (1) What am I going to do: without Rachel and John here all the time? Not only will I have to watch both my kids all the time, I have hardly had to life a finger the past few weeks. Other than laundry and a few dishes, I haven't done much. Rachel has made dinner and done most of the dishes, and stockpiled my freezer, and rocked Dalton to sleep, and done everything else I've asked her to, and just generally been fantastic to have around. John has been making us fancy breakfasts nearly every morning, doing all kinds of stuff around the house, and taking Maggie on daddy-daughter outings. They went to Chuck-E-Cheese yesterday and are going to visit John's dad today.

Rachel leaves tomorrow, and even worse, John is going out of town all next week. Ack!

Chadwick Family Funnies: Yesterday at Walmart, Maggie picked up a cantaloupe and asked if we could get a "buffalo".

Me: Where does Mickey Mouse live?
Maggie: India?


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