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[Comments] (1) Halloween Goodies: We had two days of Halloween fun this week. On Friday we started a new tradition. John carved a pumpkin with Maggie's "help". Then we set it out for the Great Pumpkin to fill with presents! This year he brought us each a book. Friday was also the ward Trunk-or-Treat. The highlight of that event was all the kids dancing to Thriller on the stage. Seriously. Maggie really enjoyed trunk-or-treating. She started skipping from car to car and was generally adorable.

Last night Mom came over to watch Dalton and answer the door so we could both take Maggie around the neighborhood. She got tons of candy and had a good time. I don't think anyone really knew who she was, even in the light with no coat at the party. Even with John standing next to her in his Charlie Brown shirt. I'm sure no one knew that I was Peppermint Patty either, though I was obviously supposed to be someone - who wears flip flops trick-or-treating? Oh wait, I think I did last year (in the rain). We did get a lot of compliments on the candy corn trick-or-treat bag I made last year.

Maggie loved counting down to Halloween on the calendar John made last year, so we're going to have to come up with an idea for Thanksgiving.


Posted by Mom at Sun Nov 01 2009 19:15

For Thanksgiving you do a turkey without any feathers and she adds a new feather each day until they are gone.

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