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[Comments] (1) I Survived: My first day home alone with both kids. John left for California last night. Dalton chose last night to decide he needed feeding every 3 hours, and then didn't go back to sleep when he got up at 7. But other than being zonked, today went ok. Tasha came over with her girls in the morning, then Dalton took a long nap, then Susan came over to play with Maggie in the afternoon. Unfortunately, she was too late for me to get a nap before Dalton woke up, but Maggie really enjoyed the attention and I did get to take a shower. Erin was going to take her, but Ember has the flu.

Everyone got fed and bathed and their diapers changed/bums wiped. Really, what more can a mom ask?


Posted by Maggie at Wed Nov 04 2009 14:36

I NEED A WIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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