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[Comments] (3) 6 weeks: I took Dalton to the doctor today, basically for what ended up being cradle cap. Just as well, since I was able to get Maggie an H1N1 vaccine while we were there. Dalton charmed all the nurses while I took Maggie to the bathroom. Also, he's gained another 2 pounds since his two week appointment and is up to 10 1/2 lbs.

We are having the last nice days of fall, I think. Yesterday, I loaded the kids into our new stroller (a fabulous Christmas present from Leonard and Sumana, and took them for a walk around the neighborhood. We went down to the park so Maggie could swing for a bit. She noticed some construction workers had "colored" on the street and sidewalk, so when we got home, I got out some chalk for her to color on the driveway. She loved it.

ETA: John and I also got H1N1 vaccines today. We had an easier time getting these than the seasonal flu. Who knew.


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