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Holiday Accomplishment: Well, despite Dalton refusing to nap (as usual) even in his carseat at the store (unusual), I managed to get something done today. I did a load of laundry, a load of dishes, made dinner (crepes), and did the dinner dishes. I also went grocery shopping and visit teaching this morning, and invited two neighbors to the ward Christmas program. And this evening, Dalton chilled out and let John watch a show while I made a Christmas gift for his parents.

You'd think we'd be simplifying Christmas this year, but not so. Maggie is really getting into it, and since we missed a lot of it last year, and will be in India next year, there are a lot of things I want to do with Maggie. We made a Christmas countdown chain with a fun holiday activity on each link. And we're kicking the month off with a bang tomorrow with a trip downtown to see the lights at Temple Square. I'm taking the kids to the Church History Museum, then we're meeting John after work to see the lights. I wanted to do this one early in the evening and on a nice warm day, so this is the plan I came up with.

I guess instead of being simple we are being organized. We've got most gifts and stocking stuffers taken care of, and the rest will be done in the next day or so. Except for Leonard and Sumana. I ordered our Christmas cards yesterday. We've got our Angel Tree/church gift basket shopping trip and our neighbor gifts planned. Busy, but not stressed - that's the plan.

[Comments] (2) Chadwick Family Funnies: And yet even more Maggie adorableness:

She wants to "fly on Dumbo" - after seeing a banner ad for Disneyland, and playing with a Dumbo token from Disney Sorry. We finally borrowed the movie from John's parents so she can know what she's talking about.

Everytime Santa is mentioned she says, "he brings me presents!" I asked what she wants in her present and she said, "a car with guys". That's the only real answer we've gotten from her. She usually says "yellow."

She called John "Daddy Sue" in response to his "Maggie Sue."

I'm hungry for treats!

Things are "bery bery" such as "Mommy's shoes are bery bery big" and "this potty is bery bery dirty", neither of which are true.

She announces "I don't like that!" I'm pretty sure she got that from me, as that's what I say when she kicks me or something.

She says "first" and "just" all the time, and not usually correctly. "Pooh wants honey first." Her sentences make more sense without the "first" tacked onto the end of all of them.

When she doesn't know an answer, or is making something up, she says "mommy". For example, "Up on the housetop reindeer mommy", just to be silly.


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