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[Comments] (1) The 25 Days of Christmas: Today I took Maggie to the Church History Museum to see the I Am a Child of God exhibit. It would have been more fun with more kids because there are some dress-up/act out activities, but she had a good time. I got a little confused when I had her walk on the straight and narrow path holding on to the iron rod - isn't it supposed to lead to the Kingdom of God or something? Then I realized I had her walk the wrong direction - away from the Tree of Life. Oops.

The words to the song are printed around the room, along with related quotes and other songs, and there are activities for each. There are babies to dress and take care of for "Has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear", scripture activities for "Teach me all that I must do" and temples to build for "To live with him some day." It's quite clever.

Afterwards, we met up with John, ate a PBJ dinner in the car, then walk over to Temple Square to look at the lights and the Christmas trees. It wasn't too cold and we got out of there before it got crowded, but after the freeway traffic cleared. Very well executed, if I do say so myself.

Each day this month, I have something fun and Christmas-y planned to do with Maggie. I'm going to post pictures each day, so check my picture blog for the updates.


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