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Parties: On Friday, John and I left the kids with his parents (yay! Maggie had fun and Dalton actually drank his bottle) and went to his work Christmas party. It wasn't quite what we expected, and it certainly wasn't the grand affair they've had in years past, but we had a nice time. It was in his boss's newly remodeled house in the Avenues - all the comforts of the 21st century and all the details (and oddities) of the 19th. Rachel would have loved it.

Yesterday we went to visit Grandma June with Brook's family. Today we had Jodi and Franco over for dinner and to give them their gift, since they will be gone on Christmas. I made BBQ chicken pizza and we had Ceasar salad and sugar cookies and delicious grape juice Leonard sent for my birthday. Maggie got out a present that said "Maggie" from under the tree and wanted to open it when Jodi ad Franco opened theirs. We're such nice parents to let her! (It was yogurt-covered raisins.)


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